Our History

Before Lemoyne was incorporated in 1905, the area was first named as Bridgeport in 1835 and later Riverton in 1888. When the population hit 800, the citizens decided to apply for their own post office. The United States Postal Service granted the request on one condition, that the name of the town be changed so as not to be confused with Riverton, VA.

A town meeting was held and the name Lemoyne was chosen to honor a French soldier, Charles LeMoyne, who had once explored the Ohio River and later settled near Harrisburg. He had no direct connection to Riverton, but he was well known and nothing had been named in honor of him. After choosing the name, Lemoyne was officially incorporated on May 23, 1905.

Lemoyne recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and as part of the celebration, a Centennial Book was created that contains a detailed history of Lemoyne prior to incorporation to current day. Access the Centennial Book here or by browsing it below.

Lemoyne History Featured in Patriot News Magazine
Lemoyne is diverse in its architecture with brand new homes and those dating back 100 years. For instance, check out Jack Mattern’s House, near Negley Park. It’s a 500 square foot gem built in the 1940’s.