Code Enforcement

Local Codes

The Code Enforcement Officer ensures that all borough ordinances are adhered to and that all construction in the borough is done safely and is properly inspected. Cliff Karlsen is currently responsible for code enforcement in Lemoyne.

Please call the Borough Office at 737-6843 ext. 12 to contact him with your complaints or questions regarding  property maintenance codes and other codes related issues. Please note that the West Shore Regional Police Department is responsible for enforcing parking codes and other codes in Lemoyne.

The Borough is currently enforcing the 2009 version of the International Property Maintenance Code as adopted by Borough Ordinance.

The Borough also enforces other property related ordinances adopted by Borough Council and included in the Borough Code of Ordinances.


Building Codes

All new construction must comply with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  The Borough adds a $4.00 UCC fee to each building permit application and remits the fee to the Commonwealth as required by state law.

Building permits are issued by the Borough through the services of a Building Code Official employed by ARRO Consulting of Mechanicsburg, PA.  Building permit applicants may choose any third party agency for plan review and inspection services that is certified and registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Zoning Codes

See the Planning and Zoning Page for more information about the Borough Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Permits.

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