Frequently Asked Questions

When is street cleaning?

Street cleaning runs from April through September.  Please check the street sign on your side of the street to find out when your street cleaning day is.  If your vehicle is not moved from 8 am-
3 pm on your designated day, the West Shore Regional Police Department will issue a ticket.  This is not only for street cleaning but other road projects.

How do I pay a sewer bill online with a credit or debit card?

You can pay your sewer bill with a credit or debit card by clicking on the "Online Payments" button.  You will need to register and pay a convenience fee to the processing company.

When do I need a Building or Zoning Permit?

The Pa Uniform Construction Code regulates when a building permit is required.  The Borough Zoning Ordinance regulates structure placement and uses in the Borough.  Please contact the Borough Office at 717-737-6843 for information concerning your project.

What is Code Red?

The Borough recently joined CODE RED which is an automated voice notification system for alerts and emergencies. If you would like to receive a cell phone call, text message or email, you will need to click on the CODE RED button on the home page.  If no changes are made the outgoing call will be made to the land line associated with your residence or business.  

How do I reserve a park pavilion or community room?

Simply download and complete the reservation form and bring it to the borough office along with proper ID and payment.  If you would like to find out if a specific date is available, please call the office at 717-737-6843.  

 Pavilion Rental Application 2017

 Community Room Request Form 2016

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