Always Be Mindful What You Flush...

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What not to flush


Toilet paper substitutes shouldn’t be flushed

Toilet paper is one of the many paper items that flew off the shelves as early warnings came rolling in regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

This has forced some into difficult positions, including trying to substitute other paper products. And flushing something like paper towels or sanitizing wipes down a toilet is a really bad idea, according to the staff of the utility service Pennsylvania American Water. And yes, that includes wipes that are labeled “flushable” or “biodegradable.”

“Flushing or dumping the wrong things down the drain can cause problems in your local sewer system and cause blockages in your own home,” said Jim Gable, senior manager of southeast operations for Pennsylvania American Water, in a press release. “Many sewer blockages occur between your house and our sewer main, where the property owner is responsible for correcting and paying for the repair. During this already stressful time, we want to help our customers avoid blockages that could create costly plumbing emergencies.”

Sean Adams, sadams@pennlive. com